Thursday, 8 September 2011

MAC Flower Power Light Sunshine highlighter feat. Benefit & 17 highlighters

Long title I know! It was meant to be a review of MAC's highlighter in Light Sunshine from the Flower Power collection but I went off on some tangents about Benefit's high beam and a random 17 highlighter/bronzing powder thing. I hope this is review is helpful anyway and I know the pictures aren't that good but it's so hard to make highlighters show up because obviously that's not their purpose, haha. Please visit my YouTube channel here to watch the actual review and subscribe but the video is also in the post below, thaanks :)

All the pressed shadows and powders have this daisy pattern embossed into them, it's cute when you first get it but it wears down pretty quickly if you use it often.

As you can see it's hard to get these to show up on the camera, you can see slight reflections of light where the powders are but that's about it. The 17 highlighter is more brown and the MAC one is a very sheer light pink. You can see Benefit high beam really well because it's a liquid type thing so is a lot easier to apply a big amount so it's show up, this therefore would not be good if you wanted a light subtle touch.

I hope this review was helpful to everyone, again you can watch the video on my YouTube channel here (please subscribe) or above in the post, please comment and follow the blog also, adios! 

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