Friday, 24 February 2012

The Hunger Games series - District 10 Nails

The 3rd makeup look in The Hunger Games will be up tomorrow but until then here is the nail look. Livestock is the occupation of the this district which is so hard to do but in the end, as there is a picture of a cow on their 'crest', I took most of my inspiration from cows - which sounds so stupid! 

No7, So Simple

This really light tan colour reminded me of cows and livestock in general. It's really pale and wearable but because of that needs two layers.

I was ill so uploaded this a day late so the makeup tutorial will probably be uploaded in the afternoon if you've managed to see this before! Thank you so much for reading, please comment and follow and visit my YouTube channel here to subscribe, I only need 2 more to get to 100! Love, Peaches X