Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Hunger Games series - District 5 Nails

Sorry I didn't have a nail look for the last District, all pictures were rubbish and I was behind schedule! But this is the nail look for District 5 who's occupation is power so making electrical goods and things like that.

The make up look for this District is all warm colours, reds, oranges and yellows so I chose the central shade/colour and found this lovely OPI polish. I needed to apply two coats to make it opaque enough to shimmer but in the light it really does look beautiful.

'Regis Romance'

I know the last picture has really dodgy lighting, don't know what happened there but i'm really upset because the picures of the polish on my nails really don't show just how beautiful it is, they're pretty rubbish if i'm completely honest - sorry! The make up look will be uploaded asap and i'm really excited about this one. Please follow and sub my YouTube channel by clicking here, all my love, Peaches X 

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