Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Hunger Games - Capitol nails

Last nail look darlings! This is of course the Capitol so I didn't want to make it really light and completely happy because there is a constant dark undertone to the seemingly happy society. Please follow my blog and subscribe to my channel (click here) because it actually makes my day, love you all.

So for the thumb I decided to do something 'interesting' so that the it's a little different from the other nails. I used the same black background as the other nails but instead of just the red tip, I also dripped some red polish down the side to create the impression of blood. God that sounds so sinister! But the Capitol are notorious for being corrupt and there is a lot of bloodshed.

For all the other nails I've done my own unusual version of a french manicure with a black base and a bright, blood red tip. Both the polishes I used were standard colours and boring brands so I didn't take pictures, hope you like.:)

Thanks for reading this quick post, check out the big makeup look tomorrow! Please please show your support by following my blog and subscribe to my channel (click here) AND I need some more video/post suggestions as I've just finished this massive series so am now stuck for tutorial and just general makeup video ideas:) love to know what you want to see. Lots of love, Peaches X

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