Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Nail art: Marbling

Today i'm going to do a step-by-step tutorial on how to marble your nail polish, it's a pretty easy method, just takes a couple of attempts to get it perfect :) Watch the video underneath or visit my youtube here if it doesn't work. If not read the blog post for a how to thing, the videos easier to follow though!

Equipment you will need

It can get messy so it might be an idea to get something like a square of kitchen role to collect everything on

Fill a bowl of water to do the actual marbling in

Tape around your finger nails

Find a combination of nail polishes that look good and work together - it may take a bit of time as some brands only work with the same brand and some don't

Add a drop of the first colour, if it doesn't spread like this... 

Use a cocktail stick to spread it out

If something does go wrong just use a cotton bud and wind it wrong like a candyfloss maker to collect the see through ish layer
If the first layer does work - hopefully it will - then keep adding alternate colours until you have a pattern something like this - you may need to help colours spread with a cocktail stick - all patterns will be completely original

Dip your nail into the water - the layers will stick around your nail like cling film - it's kind of weird!

Using a cocktail stick, collect the excess nail polish so it doesn't ruin or get in the way of the actual design

Take your nail out of the water - I find it's easier to dip your nail further under the water and the lift it out - take off the sellotape carefully trying not the tear the design

Hopefully it should look something like this!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it was easy to follow, please comment ways I could improve. Please follow and subscribe to my youtube channel here :) Thaanks

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