Tuesday, 2 August 2011

10 Minute Cookies

I know this is a make up channel but I do also love baking so I thought that I might involve baking sometimes. To start with i'm just going to do a howto make some simple 10 minute chocolate chip cookies. Watch it below (if it doesn't work click here to visit my YouTube channel - please subscribe!!) or read the blog post, enjoy :D

Equipment you will need

Ingredients you will need

Melt 125g of unsalted butter

Add it to 100g of caster sugar and 75g of light brown sugar


Beat 1 medium egg

Add it to the mixture


Add 2 tsp of vanilla extract

Sift in 150g of plain flour

Add half a tsp of baking powder


Add a pinch of salt

Add in 100g of chocolate chips (you can add anything and any amount really)

Mix until it's doughy but still falls off the spoon

Using a table spoon

Place some of the mixture onto the baking tray

Fill both trays until the mixture has run out

Place in the oven

This is what they look like after about 5 mins, switch the baking trays around so they have the same amount of time on the top and bottom

They should be done after 8-10 mins

Leave to cool

Using the fish slice put all the cookies onto a cooling tray and they should look like this
 I hope this recipie works for you but if you have any troubles or queries don't hesitate to ask, thanks for watching/reading :D

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