Monday, 29 August 2011

Sleek palettes review: Original, Sunset, Storm and Acid

Here is a review of 4 sleek palettes (Original, Sunset, Storm and Acid) which I got for £6.49 from Boots. Below are pictures and swatches of all palettes and some noted opinions, you can watch the videos for more details or visit my channel here to see more videos and subscribe.

I love this palette because it has a really wide range of colours that are all well pigmented and shimmery, with the exception of the matte black that could have better colour pay off.

This is a beautifully themed palette with all the warm colours you'd ever need plus a vibrant blue colour. All shimmery and well pigmented but like the Original palette the matte black is a bit of a let down.

Opposite way round

This is a great palette for dark smokey eyes, most of the colours are well pigmented and shimmery but if does have the matte black and two other matte colours, a mid tone brown and a light brown both of which were good matte's for sleek but not as impressive as the shimmery colours.

Opposite way round

This palette should be crazy and awesome but is actually a bit of a let down - sorry! Most of the colours in the palette are light matte colours that are really dusty and are barely visible on the skin when they should be insanely bright neon colours. On the other hand, the few shimmery colours it does have are (as always) beautiful.

I hope this review was helpful and the swatches gave you idea of what palettes you would like to get or not get. Please follow the blog and visit my youtube channel here to subscribe! :D

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