Sunday, 16 October 2011

No7 nail polish review

Recently I've been taking full advantage of the deal on No7 at Boots, £5 off all products, and because the nail polishes are £7 I can get them for £2 which is an amazing deal! You can watch the video where i'll talk and give more information and stuff (below or click here) or read the blog post below. Please please please follow and subscribe! :D

So Simple 170
Heather 30

Tangy 220
Cheeky Chops 240

Milan 110
Queenie 60

Betty Blues 280
Violetta 70

Totally Teal 115
Vivid Violet 40

Sponge Sugar 60
Salsa 200

Coconut Ice 5
Iced Mocha 35

Pearly Pink 30
Some have different brushes depending on their formula, collection and how new they are but
I talk about all that in the video this post was really for swatches and cross referencing. I hope this was helpful to everyone, links for everything are above, again please follow and subscribe! :D

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