Sunday, 13 November 2011

Urban Decay Book of Sahdows II review

Hi guys, I filmed this video ages ago but haven't got round to uploading it because i've been really busy with school so sorry for that! Anyway, I bought this palette ofmy friend because she doesn't really wear too much make up, I got it for £15 which is an amazing deal. I can't see this palette on thie website anymore but it is Urban Decay so is going to be pricey. All pictures and swatches are below and a youtube video review also, if it doesn't work click here to watch it. Please comment, follow and subscribe, enjoy :D

Box/palette cover

When opened, there is a window where the book is kept

Example of some content of the book

Example of some content of the book

Pull out tray underneath the book window is where the make up is kept (it is still attached to the whole palette)

Full tray of make up

'Official' content of palette

Eyeliners (Bourbon, Zero) and space for Urban Decay Primer Potion

First rows of shadows

Bottom rows of shadows

Neutral swatches
Colour swatches
I hope this review was helpful, please comment, follow and subscribe, if the video isn't working click here to go to my youtube channel to watch it. Thanks :)

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