Sunday, 29 January 2012

E.L.F Haul 2012

Some ELF products I ordered the other day arrived in the post today so I decided to do a quick haul on everything. Some items I got in the current sale at discount and others are full price, i'll specify below. You can watch the video on my YouTube channel if you click here or if it doesn't load or anything you can watch it below. Please subscribe, follow and comment!



Purple Pleaser £1.00

This is quite a dark picture, sorry, but as you can see here even with one coat the polish is a deep enough colour to cover the nail beautifully in a plum purple shade.

Golden Goddess £1.00

As I said in the video, the picture on the website of this polish is very different to what the actual nail polish looks like. The chunks of glitter are a lot larger than they're made out to be, it's still a lovely colour though. As you can see in the pictures, the polish is very thin so personally if I were to wear it, I would wear it over another polish just to add the gold glitter.

Metal Madness £1.00

This colour is similar to the previous one in that it looks slightly different on the website. In reality, it is quite a bit darker and the glitter chunks are larger, this colour however would not need an additional polish underneath.

Smokey Brown £1.00

I understand that this picture for some reason looks rather monotone but unusually the colour in the bottle of the polish is extremely similar to the colour on your nails after you've applied it.

Matte Polish £1.00

This polish is amazing, you can literally see the polish changing as the matte finisher dries so you essentially have two different polishes so could double your nail polish collection.

I must be honest I did pick the worst example, but all of the brushes had at least one longer hair meaning that you get nail polish on your actual finger which is really annoying. Yes you can cut them to the right length but really you shouldn't have to trim your own nail polish brushes.
Saying that, the texture and finish of the polishes were consistently good and the polishes dry extremely quickly so minus the brush, everything is really good quality. 


Tried it out and it really is a quick dry formula. Most cuticle moisturisers have really oily textures and they never dry and they're just horrible but this one dried without leaving any oil behind and isn't sticky at all.

Studio brushes are known as ELF's best brushes and actually their Studio section is their best quality range so I decided to get a brush from their, actually very similar to one I got from crown. Partly to compare it to the other I have and partly because I'm very fond of duo-fibre brushes and use them often. 

I fell for these two brushes because they're unusual shapes, in that they're not in the studio section, and were a lot cheaper than the other brushes because they're not studio or organic, but so far so good and I haven't had any problems.

ELF also have a brush cleaning spray, that's more for daily use though and considering I don't have mush time to get ready in the morning I decided to get the shampoo instead for less often, more intense cleaning. Using brush shampoo rather than normal hair shampoo is better for the brushes as it conditions them as well as cleaning them, sort of like the 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner you can get for hair.

I haven't yet used this product and basically got it because I wanted to try out a setting spray before getting the Urban Decay All Nighter fixer because it's rather pricey so ELF products would be good ones to get if you were planning on getting more expensive ones and wanted to try it out first.

Blends into the skin really well with medium coverage which is expected of tinted moisturisers, odourless, I would personally finish with a loose powder.

 I hope this was useful and has maybe helped you decide what products to get, introduced to new ones or just made you decide to check out the sale. Please comment if you have any questions or want some more information on any of the products, please also follow the blog. You can click here to watch the video, it is also at the top of the post, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and have a lovely day! 


  1. wow amazing post.. thanks for sharing the polishes i have a couple that i dont use i'll try to review those that i have..i bought the holiday 2011 sets of 5

  2. Great idea, i'm glad this inspired you! Some people can always benefit from the random stuff some people have, you could have a great video idea without knowing just because you don't think it's anything special. Thanks for subbing and following dear xxx