Thursday, 2 February 2012

Vogue Beauty - Just PEACHY!

This months vogue has just arrived in the post, as I have it on subscription, and I've found an article in the beauty section all about the colour peach and I nearly fainted with excitement! 

'SPRING wouldn't be spring without a new and FRESH approach to achieving a HEALTHY GLOW. For this season, it's all about PEACH, says Jessica Hogan.' 

Basically, this spring for a natural glowing look you should wear something peach: lips, cheeks and eyes, peach is such a versatile colour you can literally wear it anywhere on your face. 

'Peach is an enhancement of who you are already.'

The article gives you a list of popular peach products that i'll list below.


ROUGE DIOR: Lipstick in Andalouse, £22.50
REVLON: Colourburst lipstick in Smoked Peach, £8
MAX FACTOR: Colour elixir lipstick in Pink Brandy, £8
MAYBELLINE: Colour sensational lipcolor in Coral Pop, £7
GIORGIO ARMANI: Rouge d'armani in 519, £23
NARS: Velvet matte lip pencil in Bolero, £17.50
STILA: Lip glaze in Peach, £7
YSL: Rouge pur couture glossy stain in Orange De Chine, £22.50
LAURA MERCIER: Creme cheek colour in Innocent Peach, £18.50
Lancome: Blush subtle in Peach Fever, £25.50
SHU UEMURA: Creamy dome blusher in Sunlight Peach, £20
GIVENCHY: Le prism blush in Vogue Orange, £29.50
TOPSHOP: Make-up blush in Head Over Heels, £6
BENEFIT: Blush in Coralista, £23.50
CHANEL: Le vernis in June, £17.50

So they're all the products advertised in the article, I know some of them are really expensive beacuse they're designer products but I think there's a good range of affordable things there too. I don't have any of these products so can't tell you what they're like first hand but if you want any reviewed then let me know and i'll have that up soon. 

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  1. nice opinion. thanks for sharing...

  2. Thanks for the comment, i'm so glad you think so :)