Wednesday, 8 February 2012

LOLA by Marc Jacobs review

So, I've already done a review on the LOLA by Marc Jacobs 'eau de parfum spray in pochette' or as I call it 'mini spray in purse' but it was kind of rubbish quality and my sister got the bigger bottle recently as well so i'm doing another review of it! You can watch the video below or click here to be taken to my YouTube channel to watch it there. :)

It's kind of hard to describe smells in writing but i'll give it a go: I'd say that this perfume has a very floral smell (hence the LOLA flower) and lilies would be the predominant flower. It has quite a rich and musky 'texture' especially compared to it's sister DAISY by Marc Jacobs which has a lighter, more fresh scent.

Front of box.

Back of box, showing the content.

The content, I've only just noticed but if you compare the two purses you can see that the one on the box is actually loads different from the real thing. The picture makes it look a lot bigger, the writing is in a different and the flowers are smaller - strange.

These are the two 20ml bottles you get, the one on the right being the refill. You raise the gold top on the left bottle by twisting the bottom half of it.
From Boots (standard drugstore) this box set is £42 which is rather expensive but I always think that perfume is overpriced and  guess the purse probably costs a lot also. This small bottle would be great for on the go as obviously it would fit in your purse, bag or even pocket and you don't need to worry about it spilling because of the twist opening. You also get a good deal because you get a refill bottle so aren't paying stupid amounts for 20ml of perfume.

This is the box in which the larger gift box came in.

These are two extra products you get as well as the perfume, both 75ml.

On the left is shower gel and on the right is body lotion.

The perfume bottle itself in all it's glory.

The beautiful lid in the shape of a flower.

This box set isn't actually at Boots but if you add up everything together you can sort of get a estimated price. At Boots there is a body lotion that is 150ml that costs £26 so if you add the two 75ml bottles of body lotion and shower gel in this box set you can assume they would be about £26 also. This bottle of perfume is 50ml and at Boots is £47. As box sets are usually slightly cheaper than buying the products separately I think this one would be £60-£70, which I think is a lot of money! 

Comparing these products was interesting because the small box set and the 50ml perfume bottle are only £5 different in price but the bottle has 10ml more product in it so that gives me the impression that the purse in the small box set really bumps up it's price. Usually you pay loads for an extravagantly decorated bottle but in this case it seems to not be that much as the price difference between the purse sized box set and the beautiful bottle is not that much. So all in all, I think that you would probably getting more for money by buying the 50ml bottle unless you really need a purse sized container for on the go use.

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