Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Crown brush haul/review

Recently I ordered some new crown brushes so here's a quick review on the six that I got. I tried to get a range of mainly eye brushes and will tell why I got them and what their uses are. I hope this review helps you, please tell me if you would like some more make-up brushes reviewed. To watch the review click here or watch the video below :)

Packaging for each individual brush


I got this brush to use for liquid or gel liner to create really smooth lines on the upper eyelid. This brush could create really dramatic cat eyes or just subtly define the natural shape of your eyes. The fact that it is so small and fine means that you can create more precise detail and the brush is a lot easier to handle. 


This is quite a small lip liner brush, it is smaller than my other one, and unlike my other one it has a pointed end giving it a lot more detail. You can probably tell that I prefer smaller brushes because I feel that they are easier to use and more controllable.


This looks like a small brush but compared to my other angle liner is actually slightly bigger as the bristles are flared. Instead of eyeliner, this brush is used for filling in eyebrows and as the bristles are splayed you don't get annoying patchy lines of colour along you eyebrow, in a way, the brush blends the colour it applies itself.


Another small brush, this can also be called a bullet crease brush basically because it's in the shape of a bullet. This brush is really good for blending small areas or blending colours together lightly to create really dramatic crease looks.


This is another blending brush, but it is used to create less dramatic looks and blend colours so they have a really wide colour gradient between them (if that makes sense). I prefer this brush to my last one because it's a lot thinner and more stippled which I feel gives more control over which areas you blend. My other crease brush is very fluffy which I find quite difficult to use so it is personal preference but yet another way of getting more control when doing your makeup.


Last but not least, this is one of those really cool looking original brushes that only have really specific uses and they're always the most expensive. This is an angle liner brush with a wide circular flat top and fits perfectly on the brow bone, either if you want to bring colour higher or bring it down by applying a lighter tone.

Thank you so much for reading this review, to visit my YouTube channel and watch the review you can either click here or watch it above. Visit crown if you'd like to purchase some make-up brushes, it really is a great website with a real wide range of products. Please follow and subscribe! Peaches X

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