Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Hunger Games - District 13 nails

Last District is 13, only got the Capitol to go now! This District is a tricky one as they were thought to be graphite miners when there true purpose for digging underground was to create nuclear weapon bases underground. They were destroyed after the first rebellion and all their citizens now live underground, the rest of Panem are oblivious to the fact that the district is still functioning and the only reason the Capitol leave them be is because they have all their nuclear weapons in a deadlock. So after that history lesson, here is the nail look! 

I wanted to use a sort of nuclear, radioactive kind of colour and this unusual off green colour if perfect. I don't have another green like this so if you (like me) have every colour nail polish and are looking for more unusual shades this would be an excellent buy.

I hope you enjoyed this nail look, I'm in love with this colour. Tune in tomorrow for the makeup look to go along side this post. Please follow my blog and click here to be taken to my YouTube channel and please please SUBSCRIBE over there, love Peaches X

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