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China Glaze: Colors from the Capitol nail polish collection review

So The Hunger Games series still isn't over as I've got the China Glaze Colors from The Capitol. This is the official China Glaze color chart, it's not in order for some reason but the colours are quite good depictions of the real swatches.

Check out the video review as well:

This a picture of my collection on my new nail polish so you can see them all together, these however are in order from left to right.

I applied the polish collection to my nails, one per nail and half on half on the thumbnail so I wear them all at the same time and here are the swatches.

District 4 (Hook and Line), District 3 (Riveting), District 2 (Stone Cold), District 1 (Luxe and Lush)

District 5 (Electrify), District 6 (Fast Track)

District 7 (Mahogany Magic), District 8 (Dress Me Up)

District 12 (Smoke and Ashes), District 11 (Agro), District 10 (Foie Grass), District 9 (Harvest Moon)

District 1: Luxury

In the bottle this polish has a pearl like base with huge chunks of reflective pieces that look like foil. Once applied to the nail the polish turns more clear and less pearly and the chunks reflect light and look like a range of colours between pink, green and blue. When applying the polish you have to really obviously and purposely place the glitter so that it doesn't brush off with the next stroke.

District 2: Masonry

In the bottle this looks like a grey/silver polish with really fine glitter that is almost looks like shimmer which is the same as on the nail. The polish finishes really smooth as the glitter is so fine and when it's on the nail it's slightly darker than in the bottle which is unusual for nail polish. This is the worst polish from the collection for chipping, it actually comes off quite badly.

District 3: Technology

In the bottle, as you can see, this polish is bright (and I mean bright) orange and it contains really fine gold glitter and I also think that it contains some orange glitter as well. On the nail, it can in some lights look quite think but the light, spread out glitter helps to bulk it up and like the previous the texture is so smooth even though there is glitter in it.

District 4: Fishing

In the bottle the polish is a silver shimmery polish with grey/silver shimmer marbled lines but when on the nail they disappear. On the nail it looks very similar to what it looks like in the bottle and looks exactly like what I think a fish scale would look like as it's so thin and delicate. Not too bad with chipping problems. 

District 5: Power

In the bottle this polish is all medium gold glitter with some sparse bigger red glitter, as the glitter is so thick there isn't really a background colour. On the nail it's pretty much the same in the bottle. The finish is really chunky as the glitter is so thick so you have to finish it with a clear polish otherwise the glitter catches on everything like your clothes and hair and makes it chip  off in really big chunks.

District 6: Transportation

In the bottle this looks like a really unusual colour as it's a sort of pinky/beige colour with small, fine subtle gold glitter making it look shimmery from a distance. Once applied to the nail the polish is a thin, translucent beige colour again with the glitter and like the others it has a really smooth textured finish. Personally I think that this polish is the best at not chipping and stays on for the longest but that might be because it's so light so when it chips a little it's not that obvious.

District 7: Lumber

This polish, like Stone Cold, looks lighter in the bottle than on the nail but on both it's a dark chocolate brown colour, I suppose it's meant to be like a tree trunk colour. The finish of the polish is really smooth and shiny and chipping isn't really a problem but sometimes when you apply it it's not completely opaque so you have to add another layer.

District 8: Textiles

The polish is really similar to the one above, only difference is the colour: it's a beautiful dusty rose colour, so dusty in some lights it's almost grey though I must say that on the nail it's a lot more pink. The finish is exactly the same as the one above as the texture is so smooth and shiny, and it has the same chipping situation as Mahogany Magic also.

District 9: Grain

In the bottle this polish has a dark orange/brown base that reminds me of rust and has fine gold glitter that almost looks like shimmer, like some of the other polishes that contain small amounts of glitter. On the nail the polish looks slightly more bronze but apart from that it looks very similar to what it is in the bottle. There are no major extra details to this one about application or chipping.

District 10: Livestock

In the bottle this polish is a dull brown, almost grey and when applied to the nail it looks really slightly brown although each time I apply this polish it changes colour slightly. As the polish is quite thin and patchy on application but if you apply two coats then it's fine.

District 11: Agriculture

In the bottle this polish is a really dark forest like green with fine gold glitter, which like all the others is almost shimmery and like Hook and Line the polish is slightly marbled. On the nail the polish looks like a sea green emerald colour but in some lights still looks like forest green, I really love this colour as I've never found another one like it so it;s completely original to my collection.

District 12: Coal mining

In the bottle as you can see the base colour for the polish is a really dark jet black and it has scattered teal glitter within it. Once applied to the nail it's pretty similar to what it looked like in the bottle although in different lights, the glitter changes colour from dark blue and dark green and sometimes the combination which i see as teal. The polish does chip a little but because the colour is so dark compared to anyone's nail colour the contrast makes the chips really clear.

Chipping, appliance & extras:

These pictures show what the polishes look like after wearing them for about two days during which I did some washing up, had two showers and typed on the computer, just general stuff that will contribute to your nail polish chipping.

District 4 (Hook and Line), District 3 (Riveting), District 2 (Stone Cold), District 1 (Luxe and Lush)

First four chip quite badly, Stone Cold being the absolute worst, of course the lighter polishes wont look as obviously chipped.

District 5 (Electrify), District 6 (Fast Track) 

Fast Track is probably the one that chips the least and Electrify needs a clear coat of polish over the top so that your clothes and hair etc don't get stuck in the glitter and chip it off.

District 7 (Mahogany Magic), District 8 (Dress Me Up)

These two don't chip too bad either because they have really smooth finish that don't catch on anything.

District 12 (Smoke and Ashes), District 11 (Agro), District 10 (Foie Grass), District 9 (Harvest Moon)

These last four aren't too bad but because they're some of the darkest colours in the collection, they are the most obvious even when they chip only a little.

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  1. I have Riveting. I like it a lot.

  2. wow! thats a lot of nail polishes!