Sunday, 20 May 2012

Yankee Candle haul/review

I bought a load of Yankee Candles and decided to do a haul of them in case anyone wanted to order some and didn't have access to a shop to test them for yourselves. It's quite hard to describe smells but I'm getting a lot better and have tried my best so I really hope this is helpful to some. You can watch the video below which is basically a slightly more informative version of everything I've written. Please follow my blog and subscribe to my YouTube channel, it would seriously make my day!

I got all these candles at discount price:
Tarts: Retail at £1.20, mine costs either £1.15 or £0.84
Samples: Retail at £1.75, mine cost either £1.32 or £1.22
I got mine at a discount store and on the Yankee Candle website as they had a sale.


These are flat round candles that need special burners as they don't have a wick that you can light, forgetting the fact that you have to buy a separate  burner for them they are the cheapest candle that Yankee sells.

I'd say 'French Vanilla' stands out to me as being the typical, standard vanilla scent, luckily it's not too sweet and sickly but there is a weird soapy after scent. The ice cream cone picture on the front is really relevant because the smell does remind of them.

This is an unusual combination with vanilla so I decided to get it, the sweet vanilla is contrasted with the sharp lime scent. It's a really refreshing, summery smell and reminds me so much of fruit pastels and wine gums.

This tart is really sweet while still being very light, fresh and airy so it would be nice is the summer or spring. It would make a room really refreshing and summery but unfortunately the 'after scent' smells quite strongly of washing up powder.

This type of vanilla is very subtle so would be great for people who don't like over powering candle scents that sort of 'dominate' the room. It's a lovely warm and rich scent that, despite the summer theme on the picture, would be nice in winter. 

Compared to all the other vanilla tart candles this is probably the most pure vanilla scent as there are no other additional scents.


I see these candles as rather large samples as they are a lot bigger than tea lights but these seem to be the candles you're supposed to get to discover your preferred scent. I personally only ever buy these ones because I like having a range of scents that I can use little but often. Fortunately, you don't have to but certain burner for these though Yankee obviously take that into consideration as they make the samples slightly more expensive than the tarts. Over all I'd say that these were a better deal as they are much bigger and easier to burn and the price different isn't too big. 

Reminds of bubble gum as it's very sweet but also refreshing. However, this candle smells the most strongly of washing up liquid which is a shame. It's quite unusual because it is light and fresh while having a musky 'background'.

Sweeter than the candle before but that's contrasted with the sharp fruity smell making it very fresh. Unfortunately it has an 'after smell' of chemicals with stays in your throat and the back of your mouth for ages if you smell it for too long but that might not be very distinctive when it's burning in a room.

Very tropical fruity smell but also very dense and musky, fruity musk is how I would describe it but that sounds a bit weird. It has the same after smell as the one above but not as potent. 

This candle might just be my favourite out of all of them which is strange as it's not vanilla or peach related at all! To condense my thoughts: fresh, fruity, zingy with a sharp but sweet after smell. This smells exactly like the refresher lemon bar sweets it's uncanny.

This is a really light scent tinted with sweet floral smells, I have no idea why it's called pink sands as it just smells like flowers to me. This would be a good scent for someone who doesn't like overpowering candles and wants something really subtle.

Kind of size the tart looks against the right sized tart burner. 

Once the wrapper has been removed place the tart in the dipped bowl like so.

Light a tea light below and wait for about 20 minutes.

It's in the process of melting here, at the end it will be a flat pool  of the dark green liquid in the top right corner.

Thanks for reading guys I really hope this helps some people or just interests you. I need some more suggestions for videos and blog posts as I'm running out of ideas, please don't hesitate to write a quick post of something you'd like to know/see, it will be most appreciated. Please follow and subscribe. Lots of love, Peaches X

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