Tuesday, 19 June 2012

May/June Favourites 2012

This is meant to be a May favourites video but because of the Jubilee mini series it's upload got delayed and I haven't got round to uploaded it until now which is about half way through June. I still have these products and use them a lot and all my opinions are still relevant. Hope you enjoy!

REVLON PhotoReady Face Primer:

This is 001 and the lightest shade although I don't see the point of having different shades as the formula blends to be see-through. So it smooths the texture of the skin making the surface nicely matte without drying it out. Formula is scentless so does not smell of chemicals.

REVLON PhotoReady Mousse Foundation:

This is 010 vanilla, again the lightest shade. Unlike the face primer this formula does have a slight chemical smell when concentrated, but when blended out it is scentless. The formula is liquid in the bottle but when it comes into contact with the air it expands into a mousse/foam texture which then blends thinly back into a liquid when applied to the face. IT's described as having an airbrush effect as it's not thick or fake when applied, it's nicely thin while still having the same coverage as normal foundation.

Trevor Sorbie original curl cream:

You apply this cream to damp hair, usually when it's half dry after a shower, apply it evenly throughout your hair. This formula contains anti-oxidants and vitamin E making it healthier and conditioning your hair. This cream is for people with curly or frizzy hair as it smooths the frizz and defines the curls. I purchased this for £5.10 from Boots which I would say is a standard drugstore price.

Burt's Bee's Lip Balm:

I love this lip balm and think it's an amazing product, I got it for £3.69 from Boots. This is the pomegranate oil flavour and the actual balm is pinkish coloured and slightly tints the lips a rosy pink shade simply making them look naturally replenished.  

Barry M Magnetix nail polish:

I really wanted to get the China Glaze magnetic collection but decided to get these ones first to try out the effect. I really love these polishes and don't really think I need to get the China Glaze ones, I'd only get them for the extra colours. As the magnets aren't stuck to the lids you can use different patterns with different colours. From Boots these polishes are £4.99, I got all 4 because there was a deal on: 2 for £9.


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  1. I love that primer as well! It doesn't make my skin disco-ball greasy and it gives it this smooth, velvety touch haha :D x