Monday, 4 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee inspired nail tutorial

Hi guys! This is the nail tutorial for my Jubilee day special. Below you can see the three looks together which is slightly overpowering so unless you're going all-out for the celebration maybe just choose one or two to attempt? Have fun!

So I created 5 different designs that range from intermediate to absolute beginner so hopefully everyone can attempt at least one. I've also made sure that I used a massive range of polishes so that you should have some of them or similar looking polishes so you can create the same design even if you have a limited collection.

Little finger: 
Apply, Red Glitter, Barry M, to the base of the nail (not on the tip)
Apply, Cameo Blue, American Apparel, to the tip of the nail
Once both polishes are dry apply, Luxe and Lush, China Glaze, over the top of the whole nail

Ring finger:
Apply, Blue Moon, Barry M, across the whole nail, may have to apply two coats as it's very thin
Apply, light pink nail pen, in a heart shape 
Apply, white nail pen, in a crown shape (easier said than done)
If you want to you can apply a piece of glitter at the top of each point on the crown

Middle Finger:
Apply, Blue Magnetic, Barry M, and create the cross shape with the magnet
Apply, bright red nail pen, in a cross shape across the nail in line with the magnet pattern
Apply, white and glitter nail pen, create random lines to make an impression of the union jack flag

Index finger:
Apply, , No7, in a diagonal line across the nail
Apply, navy blue nail pen, to fill in the rest of the nail
Apply, white nail pen, write the number 60 (easier said than done, but with a good polish and perseverance)

Apply, , No7, across the whole nail
Apply, Turquoise crackle. OPI, randomly across the red background to create an abstract crackle effect
Apply, Silver, No7 limited edition summer collection, all over the top but be sure to place the glitter on meaningfully to get a good amount on there


Thank you so much for reading guys! Hope this tutorial worked for you please go and check out the other two tutorials (eyes and lips) on my blog and Youtube channel (i've now connected my Youtube channel to my blog as inserted a page above that links to it). Please comment, follow and subscribe, lots of love and God bless the Queen, Peaches X

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  1. i love how you do on your lips. I think I'm goin to do the same :) and also the green nail with glitter, its creative! btw, i follow u and hope we can be friends here :) do drop by at my blog yea