Thursday, 18 August 2011

Benefit Rita purfume review

This is a quick review of a Benefit perfume I recently bought on a school trip to France, on the ferry I got it for £23.60 duty free but full price it's £29.50 from boots. It's quite expensive for the size and as it's Benefit you're paying alot for the packaging but unlike the others, I feel this is a really original perfume.

Each Benefit perfme has it's own original name

They all have different houses upon the 'Benefit cresent' and each have their own styles

The decoration inside the 'house' is also personalised to each character

This is how the perfume sits in the box/house, as you can see it's seriously cute!

Even the bottle is decorated beautifully

I love this perfume so much because it's so original, i've never come across a scent like this and I think it's just about worth the price I got it for but is quite expensive full price. If you wanted a Benefit perfume that was nothing like anything you had i'd say this one was the best value for money. All their other perfumes are floral maybe with the exception Gina. This one has a coconut base with mango over the top, Sofia also has mango scent within it but that the only other perfume that i've ever come across with scents that different conbined and that are so opposite. To conclude I would definately get this product againa and do not regret buying it and am considering getting Gina also as it has an original scent so is worth the high price.

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